Thursday, 22 January 2015

The wo(man) behind the mask. . .

Working in latex is something completely new to me, and therefore a challenge that I was more than happy to undertake.

After creating a block of my face, by first getting an impression using plaster bandage and then filling this with plaster, the sculpting of the features could begin. Building up key parts of the face with clay to create something that bares as little resemblance to my face as possible.

I decided to make my mask a person make of leaves and vines. This idea sprang to mind whilst looking at folk art as I started thinking about all the things around my home town that make it the place it is. The first thing of thought of was Sherwood forest, which is just a stones throw away. And long story short, that how the idea for my mask happened.

After multiple tedious layers of latex my mask was off the starting block. Another layer of coloured latex (green) as well as some extra detail added using wire, cotton and tissue paper and voila! ITS FINISHED!

For my first ever attempt at making a mask using latex, from scratch, I am quite proud of the outcome. Although I clearly have a lot to learn about relevant techniques for the material I think my first stab was a good go. Not only this but next time I would like to try making my block using alginate instead of plaster bandage and plaster as alginate picks up a great deal more detail that other techniques.

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