Tuesday, 7 October 2014

The creation of Frank-zilla!

After being told we could create a form of our choosing using mainly clay, as well as any other materials we could lay our hand on, the obvious choice was to construct an enormous blood thirsty rabbit by the name of Frank-zilla. 

Frank caused us multiple problems from the outset. Having to find a way to support his head in the structure without complete collapse of the body was the first issue. The crisis was averted with the used of a cardboard box placed inside the packing of his body for the head to sit on.

The next problem was how to keep his ears completely upright despite
them being made out of heavy clay. This was also swiftly resolved by threading wire though franks ears, into his head and down into the cardboard box. After all this, Frank finally began to take shape.

Frank then got given some texture by using a bent piece of wire to create the look of fur in the clay.

After getting his fur, and a quick lick of paint to give him those sinister reptile eyes all great movie monsters need; all that was left was to build him a city to destroy.
The finished product really was something to be proud of, and even better than that we'd all built it as a group. Including building Frank, making buildings, painting the back drop and arranging the composition until we were all happy with the finished piece. 

My favorite thing about this piece is that the idea behind came without any influence from any other artists or artwork, just pure imagination. If i were to do this again, I would first look into structural techniques when using clay to try and avoid the issues we encountered with keeping Frank-zilla n one piece.

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