Tuesday, 7 October 2014

The Frank Bobbins Institute Exhibition

Worksop is not a place I would consider as being over run with artistic influence. So finding so much expressive work in one tiny renovated stable block lead to an overwhelming experience to say the least. The first thing that caught my eye was the abundance of colour, drawing my eye to an elongated piece of work across the back wall. The painting was of a woman, which not clear to me at first glance; although on further inspection the form of the woman became so apparent I couldn't understand how I had managed to overlook it in the first place. However; the artwork that really captured my imagination was in the upstairs section of the Exhibition. 

"After a while," They'll change your style" By Rosie B

The remnants of the performance from the previous Saturday was still obvious to see. The performance was around an hour long and consisted of the performance artist covering herself in poppy seeds. This was a statement of our use and abuse of prescription drugs, and posed the question of where general use of drugs ends and dependence begins. I liked this piece as a thought the symbolism of poppys for opium or heroin clearly linked to the intention of the piece.

If there is one thing that I love to see in a piece of artwork, its an abundance of colour. That is what I really crave. I was not disappointed with the artwork that was displayed on the mezzanine level in the centre of the building. Abstract figures with garish colours which created stark contrasts with the thick black outlines. I believe the intention of the piece was to question celebrity influence; whether this was correct or not i'm not sure, but that's how I interpreted it at least. 

The figure in the painting above bears quite a lot of resemblance to Miley Cyrus in my opinion. Whether that is intentional or not is unclear, if not I see it as quite a coincidence that the piece just happens to look like what would be considered a 'controversial pop star' at present. Although this is besides the point. This piece was centre of the wall as you reached the top of the stairs and really drew attention. I would consider it my favorite of all the artwork on display. I especially like the feet, the contrast between the skin colour and the blue painted toe nails really gains focus. As well as the dashes of red throughout the work which keep your eyes moving over the piece.

All in all, I think the visit to the Frank Bobbins institute was a real success. The artwork was like nothing I have ever seen whilst studying art and design at A-level; and really opened my eyes to all the different kinds of art there can be. Would definitely  recommend to anyone wanting to see something with a little more 'oomph' that your bog standard exhibition.

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