Thursday, 4 December 2014

Nick Cave. . .

After looking at Wilder Mann by Charles Freger I noticed some similarities between his work and that of Nick Cave, which seems to be a more contemporary adaptation of the more traditional works photographed by Freger. 

Nick Caves sound suits are often intricately sewn with sequins, buttons, and pretty much any other random objects he can get his hands on and attach to a garment. Althought garish they have a strange appeal, not that I would be caught dead wearing one to one of my dance shows.

The eclectic nature of the work really interests me, every object on the suit seems to have a different story to tell, however random they may seem. But often his suits represent animals and are not as random as this one. 
 Its these animalistic looking suits that made the think of Charles Freger. The use of fur (although faux in some cases) is something both art works have in common. I may take inspiration from these two artists by using fur,  or similar materials in my work. Aswell as this I intend to make my outfit represent an animal of some kind. Maybe a fish or something that does not have fur in order to present new challenges.

The suits in action, I love the movement of the fabric. I want to gain movement in my chosen outfit. I may do this by using long strands of material similar to those used in by actors in mummers plays in traditional British folk art. 

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