Tuesday, 2 December 2014

Life Drawing Part 2. Let there be light!

After creating work in black and white last week I decided to take It further and create more work, this time in colour. I did this by using the three primary colours as well as white paint to show light and dark without the use of black.
I used dark blues to indicate shadow instead and lights yellows to indicate the highlights.  This brought life into my artwork. However I find that when working more instinctively with colour I lose the accuracy in my work and can't therefore find it hard to keep work proportionally correct. I don't think its quite my style, everything being perfect. I prefer to have work with so many flaws that I can look at and learn from as a opposed to a piece which I've played it safe with and doesn't make me think or feel anything at all.

I think my work can be improved so much more but I'm just happy to see progress in my own, even though its not perfect, it is better than I anything I could even dream of producing months ago. I only hope my progression continues at such a rapid pace. 

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