Wednesday, 18 February 2015

Taking it even further. . .

 Like I said in my last post. I wanted to take my fascinators even further by making them demand more space. I therefore took them from being a fascinator to a full outfit. I did this by using the techniques I learnt from making the fascinator but just upping the scale. This meant I could work quickly as I had already mastered the paper folding element to it. A challenge I did face was the fact that I had to find a way to support the petals so they didn't droop, due to the fact that the flowers had become heavier and couldn't support their own weight. I did this by threading the wire through the structure of the flower so it had some support for the petals.

I also like the fact that I used bright colours as opposed to white paper. This meant that the person wearing the outfit became almost invisible as all the attention is drawn to the brighter elements of the costume. This is what i wanted as I didnt want their to be any focus on the person but all on the flowers.
This is the reason I dressed the performer in all black
, and if this were to be used in a performance I would like for the background to be black also. This makes the colours in the costume pop, and look much brighter in contrast to the background.

The bee was a later addition which I believe ties the whole piece together.

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