Saturday, 7 February 2015

Who knew origami makes a great hat?

Using simple origami techniques I created this bird fascinator. I began using this material due to the fact I wanted to make something fun out of something plain and ordinary that we use every day. The Japanese art of paper folding was the first thing that came to mind. I began with one of the most simple folds you can do, which is the bird. I then attached this to a headband I made from wire. This was comfortable to wear and sturdy. I then added extra bits of decoration to make it look more like something someone would wear for fashion reasons. 

I liked the way this looked, as it was simple but effective. I got the idea for this piece from looking at crazy fascinators as a way of people expressing themselves. I think this linked in well with Alternative Miss World as its all about self expression and creating pieces of art from simple materials. Not only this but it represented the way that AMW should be celebrated like any other formal event, not just cast aside because its different. 

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