Friday, 20 March 2015

Looking back IS looking forward.

Looking into the history of art allows you to see how art in the present, may develop in the future. Only by knowing the past can we anticipate the future. Modern expressionism has never been the kind of work that  I have been interested in, or even understand. But after doing some research into the artists, I've began to see that their work really does what it says on the tin. they are expressing how they feel through the only way they know best, painting.
So what have I learnt from all this.
  1. That artist movements are entirely the product of the environment surrounding influential artists.
  2. Work can be full of life without being full of colour.
  3. Artists react to the world around them, and often fight against the norm. Not to cause friction but to chase change.
  4. I HATE any work produced by mark Rothko and no amount of conversation about his work will change that.

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