Tuesday, 10 March 2015

Creating the parade horse.

Using florist's oasis I carved a stylised horse's
face. This created a base for me use to make a clay piece of work. My intention was to then work on top of the clay using latex to create a fully functional latex mask of a horse similar to that in parade.

 Working on top of the oasis was a challenge as the fibres of the oasis stuck to the clay and dried it out quickly, so working fast was incredibly important in order to avoid any cracking of the mask. It gave me opportunity to create more distinguished features on the horse. These features were over exaggerated and not realistic looking as this work was intended for the stage where things must be over the top so the entire audience can see the details of the work. I liked how it looked however it was a tough process that took up a large amount of my time.

This work was incredibly fragile which wasn't good as theatre work need to be as durable as possible this was therefore a great issue. However it did look good, which I suppose is one good thing.

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