Tuesday, 10 March 2015

Horse mechanics

After watching an actual video of a horse running in slow motion I then decided to try and create a small model of a horse that mimics the movement. This however is easier said than done.

I think I got the shape and proportions of the horse right, however an issue I did face was getting the movement right. One reason I couldn't correctly represent the movement was because horses legs move from the top of the hip joint, however I had placed the pivot point too low down. There for the movement was not as realistic as I had intended. I realised this mistake after watching the video of the running horse a few more times after creating this puppet.

However I did learn something from this section of my project which is that there are many simple ways of creating pivot points for joints when making a puppet. This was the first time I had attempted making a puppet of this kind and therefore I have a lot more research into the area of puppetry to be done.

This has proven to me once again that research is one of the most important elements of creating work of this kind and therefore will be more in depth with my research at the next opportunity.

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