Sunday, 8 March 2015

Parade, automatic drawings!

 After watching the parade performance, and taking inspiration from Picasso's costumes I began doing some automatic drawing to see if I could generate some ideas of my own in a similar style.
 I used a large range of colours and different media to try and encourage thoughts and ideas to come freely. To begin with I was being too structured with my drawings however in the above picture was where I began to let loose and really let my ideas flow on their own. Some of my best ideas were generated from this sheet of sketches even though they look like complete nonsense.
 I then began to refine these first sketches into something more understandable. I liked the idea of modifying the shape of the body so its unrecognisable. I also liked the element of parade where the man was dressed as a building, I wanted to do the same thing by making the performers look like an object.
 This is one of my favourite designs, although its simple I think it could be developed well into something more extravagant, as well as there being a large range of colour and design options for it.
 This is other favourite of mine, instead of a building the performer appears like an appliance, I went for a washing machine. I want to make dancers into every day objects that you take for granted and make them seem magical.
 This one is a more simplified version of the above one picture.
The last drawing I created was a set design, inspired by the building outfit from parade. I wanted to skew the perspective of the stage, and make the audience off balance. I didn't quite achieve this so I may do some research into how it is done on already up and running productions.

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