Friday, 22 May 2015

Forming the Owl!

I created the owl by masking taping newspaper onto a box I made out of cardboard. This was an easy method to create detail in the puppet quickly and easily. I then used paper mache to cover the face and set the features I created. I then added a second layer using toilet tissue and this is easier to manipulate as well as absorbing the glue easier.


I then repeated the same technique to create the body of the owl. I think this method was effective as it created a stable body for the owl whilst keeping the puppet light and therefore easy to operate.

I then painted the face using acrylic paints and will add a layer of varnish once all painting is complete in order to give a high finish to the piece. I don't want it to look rustic or realistic, I want the piece to look stylised and almost cartoon like to represent the cartoon of 'Bambi' that I have based my entire project on.

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