Thursday, 28 May 2015

Creating Bambi puppets.

After searching through Youtube I managed to find a video of a puppet created by someone for a stage performance. This was one of the most valuable to pieces of research I have found as he shows you the process of the building of the puppet. Not only this but seeing a simple mechanism being used for the process  makes the mechanism easier for me to process and understand, and therefore translate into my own work.

This would be useful to be put towards the other puppet I intend to make for my FMP, which is a Bambi puppet to go alongside the drawings and research I have done into the Disney film.

Not only this but I have researched into the movement of deer, how they work and their mannerisms. As well as their general appearance and stance.

These early on sketches will be used as the basis for all my FMP work. These show not only how the character from the film looks but how wild deer look too. Intended to combine the two by creating a puppet that is the correct proportions and moves in a naturalistic way, but also maintains the iconic image that is the character bambi.

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