Friday, 1 May 2015

What made The Lion King work? How can I translate this to a new musical?

After looking in depth at The Lion King musical, I decided to look at the woman who was behind the puppets. Her name is Julie Taymor. Ultimately the success of this stage production was down to the puppets, costumes and artwork created by  Julie Taymor. Her work is stylised, and therefore not realistic. This means that she is not trying to achieve realistic perfection, and therefore her work

cannot be compared to real animals. The stylisation means the puppets are more likely to be viewed as artwork, and an interpretation of animal. This is clever as it means people w
on't view her work negatively just because its not a perfect realistic looking lion or zebra.

I decided that seen as though it has been possible for one Disney movie to be translated onto the stage, I have set myself the task of doing the same for a different film. Bambi. I chose this film due to the large amount of animals in the movie, and therefore the amount of opportunities for different puppets is larger, and there is more choice. 

The animals I am going to focus on mainly are, Bambi himself, Thumper the rabbit and the wise owl. I have made these choices for several reasons. 
Bambi: Because I found lots of online research into creating deer puppets, as well as videos of deer movements.
Thumper: Because this offers a new challenge as I will focus on getting the thumping movement of his foot as opposed to focusing on the ears and eyes. 
The Wise Owl: Doesn't need blinking movement, but offers a new challenge in the wing movement, something I haven't yet created.

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