Thursday, 14 May 2015

The creation of the wise owl.

I started this section of my project by looking at the character of the wise owl from Bambi. I looked at images of the bird, and how it moves in the animation. I established that my puppet only needs to be able to do 3 simple movements: rotate its head, lift its wings and open its beak. 

After researching into simple ventriloquist dummies,  I devised a simple mechanism to go in my owl puppet.


After figuring out the general mechanics, I then began to refine by drawings of the mechanism inside to make it more clear how it is going to work, so i make fewer mistakes when creating the finished product.
After i'd done this, I created a prototype version of my puppet in order to check the mechanism works properly. I did this just using paper for the base, tape, a pencil and some string. The outcome was pretty good as it worked just how i wanted it to, and was actually a pretty sturdy mechanism to say it was made from flimsy materials. 

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