Monday, 25 May 2015

The finished thing, and how I feel about it

After creating the body and face of the puppet I then created
the wings which would form part of the mechanism for the puppet. I made these using the same process as the head and body of the puppet. This was once again an effective means of creating the work as it was a sturdy piece I ended up with.

I attached the wings using the method I outlined in my earlier drawings for the mechanism of the piece. I had to re arrange the positioning of the wings multiple times as the mechanism did not work as effectively as I had hoped from the prototype version I made previous to this final version.

I gave the work a final coat of varnish to give it a more even and high end finish. I think this gave the owl the finished look I needed.

Another issue I encountered was that in the prototype version of my owl, the mechanism for the mouth worked really well. However in the finished version, once I'd built up the face using paper mache', I restricted the amount of room for lower beak to move up and down in order to make the puppet look like its talking. As a result the puppet does still appear to speak however their isn't as much control there as I had initially intended to see. Instead of a simple up and down motions I have accidentally created a more complicated sort of diagonal motion, where the jaw moves both up and down, as well as in and out at the same time. Although this is not what I intended I am still happy with the outcome, however given I larger time scale I would like to recreate the work or have the opportunity to investigate the matter further in order to get the puppet working to its full potential.


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