Wednesday, 24 June 2015

Putting up my exhibition!

When creating my exhibition I wanted to create a Forrest like atmosphere so both my puppets felt perfectly at home in their environment. I wanted a dark enclosed feeling space, surround by natural materials and earthy colours. 

I managed this by creating walls out of brown parcel paper and lengths of skrim hanging from the ceiling. All the walls of my exhibition were covered in the same manor so the entirety of my area was darkened, in contrast to all the white walls of the other exhibitions. 

I then weaved willow into the skrim by hand to create a tree like appearance on the walls, I also covered the floor with leaves collected from outside the art centre so the concrete flooring was no longer visible. Being able to see the floor would've killed my indoor forest illusion. I then placed my deer puppet on a mannequin on a raised platform. I situated the puppet so visitors could walk around the puppet and see it from all angles. This was important to me as I wanted people to feel like they could get up close and even touch it if they wanted, to help them understand the piece. 

I was happy with the space I created, and felt it displayed my work in the best lift possible. As well as showing my capabilities in creating a set like design for my area. Using all the skills I have gained over the past year of my foundation course. 

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