Saturday, 6 June 2015

Sketches, how I want things to look.

Using a graphics tablet I managed to take earlier on designs I had drawn and make them into a more accurate view of how I wanted my work to look. This picture above is a cross section of my owl puppet I created early on in my FMP. This will be a key part of my finished exhibition because it shows the inner workings of the piece that you won't be able too see just looking at it. And therefore shows that a piece of work that looks like it may take complicated mechanics to work is actually a simple series of pulley and a main shaft running up to the Owls head. 

I like this drawing also because on the left it shows how I want it to look visually and shows people how I have followed a plan for the appearance of my puppet and that it isn't just something that happens of its own accord. 

I then did the same thing with some preliminary sketches I had done into the anatomy and proportions of deer early on from my FMP. This also gave me an appearance to strive for when working on how my deer puppet worked. Not just the integral mechanics of the piece. I think this not only mimics the look of the characters from the film bambi but changes it to suit my style of work, so it has my own personal stamp on it. 

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