Saturday, 20 June 2015

The real deal

From creating my prototype out of grey board I had learnt that I would need a more durable material to create the body of my deer. To make it more sturdy and therefore less likely to break or stop working correctly. This lead to me being the only girl in the whole of wickes stood with two sheets of hardwood and a bag of nails and washers in my hand. These materials however worked really effectively as the extra weight of the hardwood meant that the lower section of the front legs no longer needed weighting down at the hoof. As they now functioned perfectly fine without. 

I used my early sketches to choose the colours and paint design on the deer itself. If you put my design work and actual physical work side by side you can see the consistsncys in the work. 
I made no changes to the body suit I had created for puppet at it had worked perfectly fine it all my tests of the work and functioned perfectly. 

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