Thursday, 4 June 2015

Bringing Bambi to life. . .

I'm really pleased with how this puppet is going so far, I have created it out of grey board, therefore it is still quite durable but quick to make and lightweight to use. However the movement isn't 100% the way I want it, I'm going to try attaching the knees of the deer to my knees so the legs are attached at two points not just at the foot. I believe this will give greater control of how the movement goes as this means the knees will stay in line. Another issue I am going to address is that the joints need to be more sturdy as there is too much room between the stopper on the hinge and the leg itself, this causes the joints to wobble. I would like to get rid of this wobble as it effects the look of then movement when viewing the puppet from an onwards angle, however it is not as noticeable from a side view like in this video.

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