Saturday, 22 November 2014

Propaganda posters

 We were tasked with creating our own propaganda posters to make people understand the importance of the creative industry and the impact this has on our economy and day to day lives.

I began by looking at posters using during the world wars, and other conflicts, to give me an idea of how they are presented, and the common features they have.

The common features I identified were the following:
  • Bright and bold colours
  • Simple easy to read text
  • A centre focal point
  • An aspirational figure.

I began by creating this background using a series of geometric shapes, I played around with the different shades of grey and red to give depth to the poster. I think I achieved this. I wanted to created a dull and lifeless city. This was to show that a world without creative arts would be a boring one.

I then started playing around with different kinds of text to layer over the poster. I wanted something that looked quite worn and weathered so it represents the older posters from the war. This is due to the fact these would've been done using screen printing, and therefore there would be sections of the text with parts missing. I think I managed to achieve this effect by fading the different layers into each other.

This is my finished poster. I decided to add a small amount of information onto the poster (facts and figures) to grab the attention of the audience. I then related the bottom line of text to the picture that is the focal point of the poster. The orange waves of colour are supposed to represent brightness and colour being introduced into the world through the creative arts.

I'm quite happy with the poster all together. I would like to have had enough time to play around with it some more, maybe try a different colour scheme, and try changing the clock into a figure of some kind. However with the amount of time I had at hand, I am impressed with the work I produced.

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