Saturday, 22 November 2014

Life drawing Part 1.

 As I am new to the world of life drawing I thought it a could idea to upload photos of my work in chronological order so that it might be possible to see some development and improvement in my work as time progresses.

To the left is one of my first ever life drawings, in what I would consider to be my  weakest media, charcoal. I find it hard to inject life into a piece when using this traditional material. Every piece I produce in chalk and charcoal seems to be flat and have to energy to it. When given time to explore  on my own I will try to develop different techniques in order to cope with this weakness of my work. However I have found that  my life drawings improve when using a different media.

This piece to the right was created using black and white paint and was painted using my hands instead of a brush like traditional pieces. I like the way that the piece only shows the information you need to  make out the form. Their is no definitive line to the work. I also manage to get more life into the work than when drawing something in a more traditional style. This is why I prefer this style of work and will develop it further when given the opportunity.

After exploring working in paint by hand I then went back to charcoal. This was the perfect order to work in as it allowed me to take the energy from the painted pieces into the charcoal work which was lacking in life. I also began to explore the use of contour lines. These lines are to indicate that the body continues further than the eye can see and is not just a flat surface. I will develop my use of these lines further as they are not looking effective in their current stage.

As my journey into life drawing continues I intend to use colour in my work instead of just black at white work.

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