Friday, 21 November 2014

The 'Hub' logo design process . . .

 When designing a logo, there are some fundamental things you need to keep in mind. First of all, never forget what the client wants, even if its a vast contrast to what you yourself want to create. Second of all, keep it simple! Your logo needs to be easily recognisable and simple to understand with in a matter of seconds. The final point is that there must be a sound concept behind the whole thing. Without the concept to back up your idea, the idea becomes less influential and unfit for purpose. 

These to the left were my initial ideas for the logos. My basis for all my designs is that there is a central element, then their are smaller elements leading off from it. The centre is supposed to represent the forming of an idea, the lines leading off from it to represent all the different directions you can take your idea and different opportunities for it.
Then in order to visualise the logos in the situation which they will be used, which in this instance is as a vinyl sticker on a window, I super imposed my logo onto an image of the window it will be placed on. This gave me a better idea of how it would fit into the working environment.  




 After seeing them all on the window, I have been able to select my favourite designs. The designs I have chosen to take no further are number 4 and number 2.

The Negatives
Design Number 2:
I believe the central circle of the design takes up to much room on the window and therefore makes the room feel isolated from the outside, which is the complete opposite to what the clients have requested as they have stated they would like the room to feel integrated into the rest of the college. Also, I don't believe it is fit for purpose as it would look more appropriate as a NASA logo than one fit for this particular industry. However I will keep a sketch of it in my sketch book for future reference if I ever need something similar to this in another design task.

Design Number 4:
Using the rectangles instead of circles or ovals didn't work for me, I think it makes the design look restricted instead of following a natural curve and using all the available space of the window available.

The Positives
Design Number 1:
I really like this design out of all of the ones I have created. The colour green is meant to represent something organic that grows naturally like an idea should. The central rounded rectangle represents the hub centre and is supposed to show that ideas are nurtured in that environment as all the tangent lines radiate from that central shape. I also believe it looks fit for corporate use, but also has artistic flare and recognisability.

Design Number 3:
This design has a simple appeal which really intrigues me. The chalk like font is similar looking to that used on an old style chalk board, and is supposed to represent learning. Once again their is a central element, however this time the lines are curved to show how ideas can take different directions but are still applicable. 

Design Number 5:
The two interlocking shaped in the centre of this design are supposed to show how ideas can link into each other and support each other. The use of the colour red is to grab the attention of passersby and to encourage them to take a second glance at the hub instead of just writing it off as another 'staff room' or college classroom. 

I have then applied my logo to other merchandise to see how it could be developed further and used for purposes other than the vinyl window sticker. One of the downsides to the first two designs in this photo is that they could not be featured on white products as sections of the logo would not be visible. Therefore this logos would not be practical for something such as a letter header. However the last design works on both white and black merchandise side to the bright bold green colour.  It would also be appropriate as a letter header placed against white paper. 

I Intend to develop these designs further and finally select one as my final design, which I will present to the clients in order to be considered for the final logo for 'The Hub' at North Notts College.

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