Friday, 14 November 2014


My first experience of being a model for a plaster cast was what I would a success; despite injuring myself in the process due to sitting in awkward positions for long periods of time. But it was all worth it! Nothing brings you closer together with the people on your course than letting them wrap you head to toe in cling film.
After this began the messy bit; after mixing plaster and cutting up enough skrim to keep us going the casting began. The ultimate aim for the casting it to create a tableaux of different poses to come together as one cohesive piece from all of the group.
The piece is inspired by the eglin marbles, from the greek parthanon. It is a usual occurance in greek sculpture that the work focuses on a side view of the human form as opposed to a standard frontal perspective.
It has been thought that the Elgin marbles were originally brightly coloured, unlike the pure white that ancient art is usually associated with. The casts are still in a pure stage at the moment however we are aiming to challenge this perception of art. As well as this we are aiming to challenge the usual body type that body casts are modelled on. We have done this by casting to people as one so they almost appear to be conjoined twins, as well as creating the body shape of someone with a curvature in their spine. Hopefully this will develop further into a more interesting view point of a traditional art form. Developments into this work will be posted as they occur, as the fully finished tableaux will be a lonnng process. . . . .


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