Thursday, 20 November 2014

London's Calling!

For me there is only ever one 4 oclock in the day, and its not in the morning! But for once I made an exception in order to go visit our countries capital and see some amazing pieces of artwork, as well as visit a UCAS fair in order to sort out my future.

After four hours cramped on a coach with a ton of other creative types we finally made it to the UCAS fair. Being there made me realise just how much I want to pursue a future in Set, Prop and Costume design. All the different courses with their different takes on how the course is run, the one thing I really can't wait to give a go is puppetry, which has always been an interest of mine.

An hour or so of traffic later and we made it to the tate modern, and boy was I impressed! Getting to see my first Picasso in person was amazing.

There are elements of his work which I would like to incorporate into my own lives drawings, one of which is his used of colour. As I am still fairly new to the world of life drawing all my pieces have still been in black and white, however the use of bold colour has always interested me and is something I would like to give a go. Also his used of abstract shape to show form is something else I'm keen on exploring further in my own work, this is why it was so important to me to see my first Picasso in person.

Another piece that interested me was one from the tate modern also. It was a jungle net made entirely from wire wool. This was as the artist liked to explore the use of household products outside of their usual usage. It also highlighted the differences between the western world and other cultures from less developed countries.

Not only this but my visit to the tate modern opened my eyes to the value of video based art. There were multiple pieces of work that were sequences of film and I found that this interactivity between the artwork itself and those viewing it really added another dimension to the piece and gave it more emotional influence for me.

In the V and A Museum there was an entire exhibit decorated to the stage and artefacts they had collected from productions. This was obviously going to be my favourite part of the entire museum. Getting to see the scale models of sets up close made me realise that I am definetly taking the right path by going into set, prop and costume design at university. I could have spent hours walking around that one small section of the museum, if only there had been more time and less things to see. Then I could've had time to wander round at my leisure and take in all the different pieces available.

Plus I got to see a massive tree stump. That was pretty cool. . .

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