Thursday, 20 November 2014

Making an ID card.

 To get us used to working using photoshop we began creating ID cards for ourselves, using images we had taken and edited ourselves. So we all grabbed a camera and headed off to take some questionable photos. Sadly after the mis hap with my work, after it being wiped from a college computer, all I am left with are some of the images we took and the edits made.

I took this photo and then used Photoshop to edit it into something more interesting. I know the edit I ended up with is a bit garish but this was the first time I had EVER used the photo editing software, so decided to have a little fun figuring out how it works, and the limitations of using it.

I created the different colours on the bricks using selective colour, and choosing each brick individually using the magic wand. This was quite a lengthy process so hopefully after using Photoshop for a bit longer I might figure out a quicker way of getting the same effect.


 I then started playing around with the different focal types you can use. As well as enhancing the colours using the brightness and saturation.

I then took a photo of myself in a car wing mirror and used all the different editing options to play around and see what I am capable of doing, I am happy with all the photos I edited as they all have different elements to them which I like. I like the bottom one as the colour of the camera really pops when compared with the dull background. I also like the one above that because it has a more even balance of colour and black and grey. It also draws the eye to the focal point ME! I prefer all of these edits when compared with the originals.

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